J2ME Server  v.1.0

Host your J2ME application in your

A J2ME game demo by The Old Game Factory  v.0.0.5

This game demo is a tool to learn the basics of J2ME and a few graphic tricks.


Cobertura for J2ME  v.1.1.0rc2

Cobertura for J2ME is a test coverage analysis tool for the J2ME platform (CLDC1.

J2ME Advanced GUI Component  v.1.0

Custom J2ME components for advanced GUI display.

J2ME Isometric Engine  v.0.5b

An engine/framework for isometric games (like japanese RPGs) for mobile devices supporting J2ME (MIDP 1.

J2ME Memopad  v.1.0

J2ME Memopad is a simple MIDP application designed to allow storage and retrieval of notes.

J2ME Pacman  v.1.0

Pacman Game for J2ME enabled cellular phones.

J2ME Polish  v.2.2.1

J2ME Polish is a next generation framework for the rapid development of J2ME applications.

J2ME Socket Chat MIDlet [isometric]  v.23.03.2006

J2ME MIDlet with a Socket Server :: Isometric Engine Chat Machine

J2ME VNC Client  v.b.20040222

A VNC Client for J2ME (Java 2 Mobile Edition).

JSol - J2ME Solitair Card Game Suite  v.1.0

JSol is a Solitair Card Game suite for J2ME/MIDP enabled mobile devices.

M2MXML for J2ME  v.rc

M2MXML parser for J2ME devices.

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